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teenxd said: I just watched your latest youtube video. I wanted to thank you for posting it. People NEED to realize that words can hurt. That video boosted my self confidence SO much :)

YAY! Thank you for watching it <3

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if we date im literally stealing all your sweatpants and hoodies

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I get emotionally attached to anyone nice to me and scare them away. That is my problem.

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Anonymous said: I wanna quit the sport I'm in because it makes me so unhappy. But my parents tell me that I can't. I'm not really sure what to do. I've talked to them a billion times because I just want my life back, where I could do some,thing that made me happy.

Just stop going. They can’t force you to go to practice unless they bring you but then I’d just leave as soon as they dropped me off. Parents try to live vicariously through their kids but if this genuinely doesn’t make you happy anymore than you have the right to stop participating in it. 

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themoonisrosa said: Don't you think love is like chocolate? Tt makes us so happy because of all the sugar, we are full of energy and happiness and then when we ate too much we just feel like we wanna throw up. That's like love isn't it, first we feel unbelievable happy and then when it is all to much we just feel like we had too much chocolate.

Not if you’re in love with the right person. 

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Anonymous said: I'm sorry but I just really have to tell someone!! I'm about to break up with my boyfriend who's pushed me around for a year and a half and completely broke my self esteem over and over and I'm finally strong enough to say for once tht I'm not happy, I matter and that I don't want I be with him anymore and I know I'll be okay. Thank you to you and your blog for giving me more confidence! I'm just so excited!! I'm going to be free!! Thank you xx

I AM SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU OKAY. Good for you for knowing that you deserve SO MUCH better. I love you and I’m here to support you. 

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s/o to the people who leak songs before they’re released. u the real mvp

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