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Do you need help with promoting/growing your current business? I mostly work with; beauty, home decor, phone case, and clothing companies but I am open to exploring other options. If you're interested in working together, contact me at
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Anonymous said: omg i NEED that black top

It was only $11 but the size selection was super limited :(

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Life is good :)

Anonymous said: Are you a lesbian? Or bi? Or straight?


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Anonymous said: Ummm those tops you bought are cute as fuck! I love your blog btw!;)

Thank you! I love you :)

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Anonymous said: what do you do if you want to date a boy but he already has a gf

Keep to yourself and don’t get involved.

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cybertoxic said: Quite honestly you are one of my favorite blogs!

Awe thanks babe, that means a lot!

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Anonymous said: Hello love! May I ask where you got those tops? :)

First one is from lane bryant and the second is from walmart

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Anonymous said: wow you're rich! i can never afford to shop at those places

Not rich at all. I save my money and spoil myself once in awhile as well as looking out for sales and using coupons.

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